All GCC countries are happier than Bahrain and Kuwait – Report

Bahrain ranked the penultimate place among Gulf States on World Happiness Index.

Among 156 countries worldwide, Bahrain ranked 43 and came behind Saudi Arabia that ranked 33. Qatar was in the 32nd place and Emirates in the 20th. Meanwhile, no rank was given to Oman.

On the Arab World level, Emirates was ranked as the happiest country for the 4th consecutive year. Egypt came in the 122nd rank, behind Iraq that came in 117th despite its war against ISIS.

Tunisia came in the 111 rank, while Libya’s rank ameliorated and became 70. Lebanon came in the 88 rank followed by Jordan that scored 90 on the happiness index.

Yemen, which faces brutal war by the Saudi-led coalition since 3 years, came at the bottom of the index (152 rank), behind Syria (150 rank) that also faces war waged by dozens of opposing and armed groups since 2011.

Sudanese were not much happier that the countries witnessing war as they came in the 137 rank.

On the Middle East level, Turkey ranked 74 and Iran 106.

Finland has overtaken Norway to become the happiest nation on earth. Meanwhile, the ranking put  Britain in the 19th place. The report revealed that the US has slipped to 18th place, even when it has become the richest.

The top 10 happiest countries according to the index are: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia. Meanwhile Germany came in the 15th place.

For the first time in 2018 the study also measured the happiness of expatriate populations in different countries.The Gulf countries performed better in their expatriate score than their combined happiness score. Qatar stood in 26th, Bahrain 33rd, Kuwait 34th and Saudi 35th based on the expat metric.

There was little change at the top of the list though with Finland still first for expat happiness, Denmark in second, Norway third, Iceland fourth and New Zealand fifth.

Source Credit: Bahrain Mirror