Expat British retirees call on Malcolm Turnbull to end pensions freeze

LONG-SUFFERING British retirees living in Australia are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to confront British Prime Minister Theresa May over their “frozen” state pensions. British pensions are not “uprated” in Australia, meaning they do not rise in value and are being eaten away by inflation.

But Brits who retire to the US, Europe or the Philippines have their pensions indexed automatically.

Tilley said the impact of the policy was laid bare by the case of a 98-year-old retiree who moved to Australia after her husband died 40 years ago. “She has been getting less than £20 a week since 1979, 1980,” he said. “And over that period the pension has gone up from £17 a week to £122 a week and it will be nearly £126 a week in April.”

Figures provided to Federal Parliament reveal Australia would save about $90 million a year if the freeze was lifted, as British taxpayers would have to foot more of the bill.

Source Credit: Perth Now
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