A 5mm bead removed from a girl’s ear that was there for 9 years

Doctors have pulled out a tiny bead from an 11-year-old’s ear – after they dismissed it as wax for nine years.

The girl, whose name is unknown, had repeatedly shown signs of discomfort and tinnitus since she was two. But each time her mother took her to the doctors they claimed her symptoms were due to a build-up of ear wax, or cerumen.

It was only when the girl was on holiday in Bali, known as the ‘Island of Gods’, that the 5mm bead was spotted by Indonesian specialists.

Her mother sought medical advice during the trip – a 16-hour plane journey from Britain – after she showed signs of tonsillitis.

A full ear, nose and throat examination revealed a ‘wax-coloured bead’ was in her auditory canal. The girl had the object removed at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust when she returned to Britain.

Source Credit: Daily Mail